Interfaith Hospitality Network has undergone tremendous transition and program expansion over the past year including buying the building downtown for our own Day Center and plans for fundraising to make the necessary renovations. With this expansion, the time was right to change our name.

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Yellowstone County is now Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley.

Family Promise Network depends on our volunteers 365 days a year. You make our program for homeless families possible. Without you IHN families would be staying in motels a night at a time until their money runs out, couch surfing with relatives until they are kicked out, sleeping in their cars, and even on the street. Because of you, our families are fed, sheltered, and cared for in your churches, and 75% of IHN families successfully move into their own homes. We estimate that IHN volunteers have donated over 140,000 hours since we hosted our very first family in November 2004!!!

THANK YOU for all you do for our families!!!

The latest good news is that another family has moved from the Network into transitional housing. Tatiana and Matt and their three children moved into the three bedroom apartment. We congratulate them on moving into their own home! They worked hard to achieve it. Congratulations also to Samara their oldest daughter who is in second grade. Samara is our top reader among IHN kids, and has turned in 18 book reports in four months!!

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